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Bear's Paw Quilt staffers  wrapped in their quilts
We specialize in books, patterns and kits with a northern look - whether it's the awe inspiring northern landscape or the flora and fauna of the boreal forests.
If you are looking for kits with northern themes, you have found the right place! We have our own original designs, patterns and books as well as kits by the best northern quilt designers.
Our fabric collections are varied and new items arrive regularly. We also carry a supply of quilting tools and notions and a great collection of up-to-date quilt books and patterns.
BPQ is the quilt supply headquarters for the Yukon.
If you live in the Yukon, or are just visiting, we extend a warm welcome to drop in and shop in person.
There's always something going on in the shop, so come in and check it out.
About the Bear's Paw block:
bear's paw quilt block The Bear's Paw block is over a hundred years old, having originated in pioneer America. As you might imagine, coming across a bear track while travelling a wilderness trail definitely signalled the traveller to proceed with all senses alert.
Quilters who wanted to make a quilt for someone who was planning a great or dangerous undertaking would often choose a Bear's Paw block design. According to the family history of Ozella McDaniel Williams, runaway slaves knew that Bear's Paw quilts marked the best northern route through the Appalachian mountain wilderness to food, water and eventual freedom. All of this history was considered when we chose our name and we are very proud to have this powerful and beautiful design for our logo.
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Updated: December 9, 2023
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