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Bernina sewing machines available at Bear's Paw Quilts
Incredible Tape
Incredible Tape 50' roll - a great thread preserver! Keeps embroidery thread from unwinding. Also keeps luggage closed, secures garden hoses and has many other uses.
$15.00 plus shipping
Reducing Lens Viewer
Reducing Lens Viewer Is your studio too small to give you a good look at your quilt top? This reducing lens gives you that visual distance.
$15.00 plus shipping
Thread Heaven
Thread Heaven A no-wax, no-oil thread conditioner and protectant that prevents thread tangling and fraying. Useful for both hand and machine sewing. One is a long-time supply.
$7.00 plus shipping
Clover Seam Ripper
Clover Seam Ripper We think this is the best seam ripper on the market. $5.25 plus shipping
Machingers-package Form-fitting, seamless gloves with fingertip grip to help you move your quilt with precision while quilting by machine.
Machingers- glove
Recommended by Caryl Bryer Fallert and by Bear's Paw Quilts!
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$15.00 plus shipping
Inkjet Printer Fabrics
Inkjet Printer Fabrics by Color Plus, these 100% washable cotton fabric sheets are ready to use in your inkjet printer to reproduce images/photos for quilt making. Rinse with fabric softener for washable projects. Each packet contains six 81/2'' x 11'' sheets.
$27.50 plus shipping
Rag Quilting Snips
Rag Quilting Snips Razor sharp edges for easy, clean, precise cuts on those doubled seams. Excellent quality - can be sharpened.
$56.00 plus shipping
Color Evaluator II
Color Evaluator II 2 color filters (red for warm colors; green for cool colors) to determine the value (lightness or darkness) of your fabrics when doing block construction or design.
$11.00 plus shipping
Updated: December 17, 2015
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